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Planet Tubes was introduced in 2016 as a new tubular and square shaped food concept. Tubular & square shaped food is not only fun to eat but is also delicious and nutritional with the basic food groups like proteins, veggies and grains. Our bread and buns are homemade. Every item on our menu is Foot-Long, Foot-High, or Square! We specialize in fun and happy food! Our menu consists of several choices to offer our customers. Our footlong Tubes include free premium toppings like diced chicken, peanut butter and corn chutney, just to name a few! Our additional premium toppings are an awesome choice when you're craving more toppings with your footlong like chicken salad, potato & egg omelet, premium mini meatball, premium steak, premium lobster and our signature chili sauce. Our Tubular Steak is an awesome 18'-inch-long steak sub that is served fresh on our signature homemade fresh tubular roll. We have the GYPSY FRIES! Gypsy Fries were invented on 04/10/21 Made with just the right blend of spices. Served plain or topped with Red Gypsy Sauce! Our Tubular Chicken is a footlong rolled up fried chicken, cut in 3 pieces available in plain, stuffed or spicy served with not one, but 2 sauces to enjoy! Our Tubular Pretzels are foot long and tubular served with your choice of 2 dipping sauces. The Foot-High Tubular Shake is a fruit shake to be reckoned with! We believe in making people happy with tubular and square shaped food! :)

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